About Us

Swaraag - a indo western fusion band

Swaraag is a Folk-rock & Sufi Fusion Band. We belongs to Rajasthan and Rajasthan is a land of majestic forts and lavish palaces with vibrant culture that taste swaraag gives you by “Padharo Mahare Desh”.

Folk music is disappearing from mainstream music very quickly or we can say next generation doesn’t want to hear Folk. We always try to experiment in fusion music to spin the term of Folk. Swaraag has a passion to introduce not only Rajasthani Folk music but also various folk music from the state to a multicultural environment that appeals to varied musical tastes.


Swaraag Team

Arif Khan

Some people are artist by birth and Arif Khan the Indian sitar player from Sikar Gharana is among those. He has an interest in playing sitar since childhood. He started playing instruments at the age of six. The age when children usually learn to speak properly, he took sitar in his hands and spread his voice through sitar. The possession or love towards sitar made him quit his studies just after his secondary education. It is said that your guru or first teacher has a huge role in becoming what you are. This role was fulfilled by his father Ustad Mahmood Khan for making Arif into the great sitar player Arif Khan. Presently Arif Khan is a great disciple of Shri Niladri Kumar ji who taught him the nuances of music composings.

Through his 
efforts, sheer merit and melodious sound of sitar he became semifinalist in India’s Got Talent-Khoj 2. Besides playing sitar he is the musical composer too. The distinctive style and rendition of swaras make his concerts spellbound. He has spread his compositions not only in prestigious fora of India, but also travelled extensively in many cities of Germany, France, Gulf, Austria. He developed his gayakee by gusto in the musics like dhrupad, dhamar, thumri and musical khayal. His compositions when blended with imaginations than the composed music, demonstrations made Arif’s concerts super hit. His performances are loaded with ceaseless and honest skills of music. He received profuse awards and felicitations from many institutions and music companies.


Asif Khan

Asif  Khan who is the lead singer and composer in the band.  He is a versatile performer of Sufi music and Indian folk. 

He began his singing carrier at the age of just six with the blessings of his father {Ustad Mahmood Khan} who have always praised music in his life and groomed Asif in the classical music. 

He is sober, sole touching and with his mesmerizing and clear cut  voice which can melt anybody, is able to revives the roots of our cultural & tradition with the new touch which he gives in his singing.



Pratap Singh Nirwan

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