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Swaraag Live in concert at Albert Hall Jaipur

Showreel For Instrumental Fusion

Instrumental Fusion specially for corporate events and for those who like instruments and their waves & the motion between artist & his instrument. 

Swaraag- Wedding Showreel

Ye jo Halka Halka Suroor Suroor hai by Swaraag - A indo western fusion Band in Delhi Wedding Event

Ye Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai, Ye jo Teri Nazro ka Kusoor Ha..

Dama Dum Mast Kalandar - Sufi Fusion Rock

Dama Dum Mast Kalandar written by Amir Khusro, a sufi folk already sung by many famous artist. Still it's never get old. we played with this Sufi track with our own way. Please play Sufi Rock Fusion of Dama Dum Mast Kalandar.

TCT-CRF India -2014 Performance

Coprorate Event in hyderabad, we got lots of testimonials by doctors.

Showreel - Wedding Performance Showreel

Indian Wedding! Everyone want to make his/her wedding a special event which will memorized by every guest. What Guest wants some likes indina classical, some sufi, some fusion, some folk and we stands for all, their choices and our performance.

Showreel - Corporate Sufi/Folk/Instrumental Fusion

So Many Times Coporate party wants some vocal in performance for that kind of people we perform Sufi Fusion and Folk Rock kind of performance that will mesmerized you. Check out the Video

Showreel - Corporate Instrumental Performance [Instrumental Fusion]

Lots of Corporate Performances we have done till date. We usually prefer totally insturmental performance in corporate events. In Instrumental Performance we show Rajasthani Folk Fusion, Instruments based Jugalbandi like Sitar-tabla, Sitar-Saxophone and some composition inherited by indo western influence.

LPMI Awards -2014 Performance

Lonely Planet Magzine Awards 2014, the stage concept was superb. Our time frame was only 10 minutes to perform but after two composition of 5 minutes each, we got a call of once more than another 5 minute performance. after that one more call can you please continue after the Award function, we want to hear you. "We just want these words every time and we ready to perform."

Performance in International Food Festival-World Dhaba 2015

When we got a call to perform in World Dhaba 2015, at that time we were in silliguri for some wedding Performance. Pratap suggested "Udiyo Re Udiyo Re" a rajasthani Folk Song with some jugalbandi work. After 3-4days preparation we have folk Fusion with jugalbandi of Khartal & tabla. Everyone liked this track a lot.

Instrumental Fusion for Hindustan Unilever Limited {Bangalore Team}

What a excitment when we got a news that stage setup is beach side, we all ran towards beach to check how's the view, Tony who was the Sound engineer introduce us with his team. what was the environment that night we can't explain see the video.

Instrumental Jugalbandi && Alaap

We were bound by organiser, to not play loud and Vocal songs. So we just play Insturmental with differenct raag. but guests enjoy a lot that tracks.

Instrumental Fusion for Hongkong Guest in Kingdom of dreams

We were bound by organiser, to not play loud and Vocal songs. So we just play Insturmental with differenct raag. but guests enjoy a lot that tracks.