Swaraag Press Release

Interview| Keeping traditions alive in a new age style| Hindustan Times

29 Feb, 2020

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Keeping traditions alive in a new age style, Is the motto of Swaraag. Rajasthan based folk fusion band, Swaraag, talk about how traditional artist do not get the recognition they deserve. Check it out the exclusive coverage with Hindustan times Mumbai Edition here:-

Pdf: https://www.swaraagmusic.com/public/stuff/press_release_pdf/2020/feb/29-feb-Hindustan-times-mumbai.pdf

Online: https://www.hindustantimes.com/art-and-culture/keeping-traditions-alive-in-a-new-age-style/story-1YEWYxyxvRXES5ldWs0WOJ.html

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