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Hindu Coverage| Sufi and Saxophone| Swaraag Interview

Media: The Hindu (Metro Plus) | City : Kochi | Date : Nov 22, 2019

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On Nov 22, 2019., we were there in Kochi for a corporate gig, And got the chance to interact with Hindu editors. It was indeed an awesome interaction as we discuss in details about the difficulties we face as a beginer, How we switched from an instrumental band, To the new avatar of Swaraag Fusion, And now after six yeras down the line, We have managed to perform in Rising Star, Released our cover under the label of Sony Music,. Won wow LQ awrds, and many other things we have discussed, Check it out the complete details here:-

PDF: https://www.swaraagmusic.com/public/stuff/press_release_pdf/2019/nov/22nov-the-Hindu-Kochi-swaraag-in-media.pdf

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