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HT City Lucknow| Swaraag Interview | 23 Dec, 2019

23 Dec, 2019

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Candid conversation with HT City Lucknow, As we were there for an event named 'Sumakha' basically a food festival. So we also discussed about our Love for food. "As there is no sincere love, than the love for food " lol :) Check it out the complete conversation here.

Online: https://epaper.hindustantimes.com/Home/ShareArticle?OrgId=57b6315c&imageview=0
PDF: https://www.swaraagmusic.com/public/stuff/press_release_pdf/2019/dec/23-Dec-HT-City-(Lucknow)-Pg.-3-Swaraag-in-media.pdf

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