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Hans India Hyderabad 22 Dec, 2019 | Exclusive Interview with Swaraag

22 Dec, 2019

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With more than 1000+ performance worldwide, 'Swaraag' flavours are Sufi Fusion, Rajasthani Folk Fusion, Instrumental Fusion and Bollywood Mashup. It's truly a mesmerising experience when you notice a blend of zitar and saxophone with drum and tabla in Sufi and Bollywood song, which strikes a chord in the heart. these are some of the excerpts from the interview with Hans India. You can check out the full coverage here :- 

Online https://www.thehansindia.com/featured/sunday-hans/the-fusion-makers-swaraag-a-folk-fusion-band-hailing-from-jaipur-591694

 PDF : https://www.swaraagmusic.com/public/stuff/press_release_pdf/2019/dec/2.1-Sunday-Hans-India_Pg.-7.pdf

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