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Jaipur by Nite Festival will once again lit up by Swaraag

August 2018
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When it comes to good music, Swaraag never takes a backseat. On September 1, 2018, the Jaipur by Nite Festival will once again be lit up and fine-tuned to good music. The 6th edition of Jaipur by Nite, which was originally initiated by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), will be a fiesta of another kind. With a lineup which includes Nite Marathon, followed by Women’s Car Rally, Bite Fest and a khadi collection of ethnic designer wear by the very famous Bibi Russell, the ‘Pink City’ of Rajasthan is all set for the most exciting cultural extravaganza.

A symbol of women’s empowerment, Jaipur By Nite, through its Women’s Car Rally, aims to spread awareness about the feats women can achieve. Not only does this rally aim to encourage women to come out and drive, it also encourages a safe environment for women, especially at night. Most people think that it’s not right for women to go out at night due to the number of safety concerns at hand, and this celebration is to break that stereotypical notion. 

To make this night special, Swaraag will be highlighting the evening with a collection of energizing and soul-stirring tracks to glam it up. Known for bringing crowds of people to tap their feet in unison to the beats of its music, Swaraag is all set to give people memories they will cherish for a lifetime. 

Brought up by the winds of Jaipur, Swaraag is more than familiar with the beats of the city. Having performed many times in Jaipur, the city has always been a memorable place for Swaraag. Just last year, Swaraag had performed at the 131st Anniversary of Royal Albert Hall, which received worldly praise. Not only were people enjoying the performance in crowds in front of us, some were even outside in the parking lot, dancing to the beats of our music. Swaraag has always had an outlasting impact on everyone who has ever been a part of its family. Once again, standing up for the city, and especially for this amazing opportunity at endorsing Women Empowerment through our performance, Swaraag is all ready to rock at Jaipur by Nite Women’s Car Rally!

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