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Sharad Rang Utsav Concluded with Swaraag’s Enchanting Music

February 2019
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Who doesn’t like good food accompanied by good music and as Indians we have the innate ability to recognize both from miles away. This is exactly what the audiences and tourists were treated with when they visited the Sharad Rang Utsav in Udaipur.

Sharad Rang Utsav is a 5-day art and food fest that is organized in Udaipur and food and music makes the heart of the festival. At the festival one can have the pleasure of tasting the delicacies from different states of India such as Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Kashmir, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh etc. and can also enjoy the cultural performances from different talented artists and groups. This year’s performance was topped by the Swaraag band as they swayed the people away with their heartful compositions and music.

The band opened their act with the song ‘Padharo Mare Desh’ which immediately connected with the audience and the audience immediately knew how much the band is delighted to have a wonderful audience like them. After this, it was one rocking performance by the band after another as they presented some of the famous songs such as ‘Sanu Ik Pal Chaine Na Awae’, ‘Damadam Mast Kalander’, ‘Nit Kahir Manga’ and many more. All of the songs were powered by traditional instruments such as ‘Table’, ‘Sitar’, ‘Khartal’ etc. along with the modern-day instruments such as ‘Guitar’ and ‘Drum’.

Mixing the Sufi songs with the western beats from the west and traditional beats from the ‘Rajasthan’ is the signature move of the band and one of the many reasons for their quick rise to stardom and popularity among the people at national and international level. Just when the audience thought that it cannot get any better than this they were completely taken away by the instrumental fusion performance from the band.

5 days of festivities in the form of food, art and culture is what Sharad Rang Utsav is all about. The event was a large scale event with international boundaries and was perfectly organized and handled by the ‘West Zone Cultural Centre - WZCC’, Udaipur. Swaraag was thrilled to be a part of a renowned Government festival  of WZCC

There were various delegates including director of WZCC Mr Furkan Khan is also presented at the time of performance. Swaraag was immensely humbled with the love and support from the cheerful crowd.

It is also known for setting ‘Shilpgram – A Craft Village’ which represents the architecture, traditional arts and culture from the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Goa.

Swaraag was very delighted to work with WZCC and thank the entire organization from the heart for the opportunity they provided the band with and express their deepest desire to work with the team again as and when the opportunity provides.

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