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Shure Endorsement to Swaraag Band

February 2019
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Entertainment industry especially the music industry is ever dynamic. One of the main reasons is the ever-changing preferences of the audiences. There was a time when amplifiers, DJs and remixes what all dancing and partying was about (well you can still find them in clubs). But with the ever-increasing complexities of modern lifestyle and its high demands, people no longer have the energy to keep up with the loud music and yes, with amplified music you get headaches for free. Besides, there is no real connection with the songs on DJ or for that matter on any music systems.

Parties and celebrations today are all about live performances which are about portraying music in real time to woo the audience. Yes, there are ‘cheers’, ‘shouts’ and ‘once more’ but the connection with the music is real. People can acknowledge the sophistication and hard work that goes into performing even the simplest of the song. While the talent of the band goes a long way in performance but still a state-of-the-art microphone is essential and just as important as the talent of the band.

Swaraag is a band of consummate musicians which not only has played at numerous events (private and government)  but also, captured the international stage with equal success. From unplugged jamming sessions to power-packed concerts you name it and we have delivered it. Therefore, we understand the role of high-quality microphones in live performances. That's why! Swaraag is proud to announce Shure’s endorsement to Swaraag.

Shure is one of the most trusted audio brand worldwide and specializes in producing state-of-the art microphone, cutting-edge wireless systems, and premium earphones and headphones. For decades now, Shure has dominated the microphone segment of the audio market and its users can only praise its product. The brand is famous for delivering value for money. Best products that does not burn your pockets like other flagship products. Shure is a perfectionist when it comes microphones and singers from underground rappers to professional performers can be seen using the Shure’s line of microphones.

With Shure’s microphones you get:

  • Best build quality and excellent durability (you can drop the mix few times!)
  • Iconic design -- famous ball grill design
  • More value for less money

These microphones will just add more flare to the Swaraag’s upcoming performances. If audiences were cheering earlier now they will scream and shout.

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