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When Swaraag lit up the Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund Gold Plus Convention

July 2018
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Music is the one field where one can only keep growing so long as they keep experimenting. And one has to experiment with everything, be it the fall of raindrops, or the rustling of winds. Among our practice sessions, where we were just playing around with our beats, something happened which changed our lives forever.

It was a comforting rainy day when I received a call from an event management company called Next Dimension. On the other side of the call was Mr. Amit Rohira. Apparently, he saw our one of our most popular performances on youtube, of the Albert Hall. He found our performance immensely gleeful and was highly content.

Another member joined in the conversation and together Vicky and Amit called me and further discussed the proposal of performing at a corporate event. After placing all the parameters in place we reached to an agreement as we got invited to perform at the Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Funds "Gold Plus Convention" event on the 10th Of August 2017. A day earlier at the event, Vicky and Amit both met me and informed about their apprehensions regarding the show. In that Lunch, I convinced them of the performance’s quality and told them about the flow of their execution.

Swaraag Team during Sound check for Sun Birla Life Insurance
Sound Check Going on, working with raiser setup for Asif Khan, Arif Khan & for Shahid 

Finally, the 10th of the month arrived and we were all set to perform in front of our crowd. The sound check was planned to be at around 5 PM, and to our joy, the guests started to come. It was now our time to wait for the clocks to turn 8. Just before the performance, we performed our ritual, each of us had a cup of tea. No coffee or red bull can ever compete against our love for tea.
We hit the stage as our name was announced and started our routine in front of a huge audience. The performance went on for 150 minutes. We received a huge support and round of applause from the crowd. At the end of the program, the whole team of Next Dimension including Amit, Ankush, and Vicky along with the Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Funds Group praised our talent.


Later, during the dinner on the same day, Vicky asked if we were free on the 16th and the 18th of August. Pratap nodded in affirmation. Vicky first convinced Amit and after discussions with the team of Sun Life, we have confirmed a performance for their Goa event.

It took 3 days for us to get our tickets. Unfortunately, there was no direct flight from Jaipur to Goa so we had to via Mumbai. It was now an 8-hour journey.
After landing in Goa we were driven to our hotel where we stayed and had our lunch. We received a call from the event company where they asked us to come to the event auditorium. It took a total of 3 hours for the sound setup to get ready. As we waited for our performance the whole aura of the event kept on becoming more energizing. At the end of our session we were surprised to see a huge number of people on the stage. They discussed their review of the performance and we were highly humbled by their words of praise.

Every performance is a dream come true! Whether it is an hour to the show, when we go through our soundcheck routines; or it is the time when we perform for the crowd; or the minutes which follow and we receive the applause of the listeners; our spirits find themselves to be in another world of excitement. Every outing of ours at the stage feels like our first one. What happened in Goa only cemented this fact further.

A day later we spent exploring the beautiful city of Goa and embraced whatever it had on offer. Due to the recent rains then, the beach water had become somewhat dirty. But it did not stop us in our fun-filled activities.
Check out Video where Arif Khan (Zitar Player), Asif Khan (Lead Singer) & Tashruf Ali (Saxophonist) Playing a Movie Fight Scene at Beach Water.

On the 18th we had some fun-filled games with the employees of the Birla Sun Life. Arif and Asif surprised everyone with their brilliance in billiards as not many people are aware of their talent in this sport. After the sound check at the event’s venue, we came back to our room to get ready for the then coming photo shoot.

Swaraag Team Photo Session at Grand Hyatt, Goa
Everyone loved our music but to our astonishment, Mr Kishore Chamria - Head, Business Development came to the stage at the end of the program and personally gave us his good wishes. Addressing Arif and Asif he said, “entire Birla Sun Life, AMC team and my colleagues here out, they loved you, hats off to you. May God bless each one of you, thank you.”

Check out Testimonial of Mr Kishore Chamria - Head, Business Development 

For us at Swaraag, this event was not just a performance; it was a box full of memories and nostalgia. Exploring a new city, meeting great people and most of all; making music for the lively crowd; we couldn’t have asked for more. The one great feeling that unites us all, is that of content; of making people dance to our tunes, and to feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves.

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