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An Ethereal Performance by Swaraag

July 2018
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Originating from the land of Rajasthan, the land of majestic forts and palaces is an uprising band which goes by the name Swaraag. Having performed over a course of multiple years has enabled them to perform in almost every town in India and in various towns abroad. The band comprises of various artists such as Arif Khan, Asif Khan,  Sajid Khan, Shahid Hussain, Tasruf Ali, Hansraj, Reyshab Rozerr. Specializing in presenting Rajasthani Folk Fusion in a modern way, the band recently performed at the EEMA Spotlight Awards where they mesmerized the audience with their swooning performance. 
Their Performance at the EEMA

The EEMA Spotlight Awards was recently held at the parent city of the band, i.e. the city of Rajasthan. The Event and Entertainment Management Association is an autonomous and non-profit body of companies who operate in various segments and levels across cities, bringing together a load of activities. The award show is one of the most integral functions of entertainment industries and approximately 5 lakh vendor partners manage the event. 

The first day of the EEMA Spotlight Award ceremony was named as the #EEMAgine2018. It was during #EEMAgine 2018 that Swaraag performed their signature Sufi fusion genre of music. There were various known personalities who were present at the EEMA. One such personality was the EEMA Vice President, Mr. Mandeep Singh, who was attending the event with his family. 

Swaraag Team Arif khan Zitar player in EEMA
Swaraag Team Arif khan Zitar player in EEMA

The performance began with Arif Khan at the sitar, Shahid Hussain at the tabla, Sajid Khan as the drum player, Tasruf Ali at the saxophone, Hansraj at the khartal, Reyshab Rozerr at the guitar and Asif Khan as the lead singer. As the lights dimmed a little, Asif Khan started singing in his soulful voice which created a spellbinding atmosphere in and around the staging area. It wasn’t long before the audience started to hum along with the singer. By the end of the performance, people were dancing to the sound of the music. 

Please check Photo Album of Swaraag Performance in EEMA Event

Apart from performing songs of their own, the band also took special requests from the audience. Various people contributed to the band and they performed the songs without any hesitation.  One such contribution was the song “Duma Dum Mast Kalandar” by Mr. Mandeep Singh. Other special requests performed by them were “Ye Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai” which made the audience leave their seats and dance to the music. 

 Even though Swaraag was provided with only a limited time frame for their performance, they didn't fail to impress and win over the audience. Their performance was termed as the “icing on the top of the cake” at the event. At the end of #EEMAgine2018, the president of the EEMA, being overwhelmed, said that the band produces music from their soul which touches the soul of the listener. This statement was proof enough that their performance at the EEMA was an ethereal performance. 

Mr. Mandeep Singh (Executive Vice President)after the event

The #EEMAgine2018 ended with various other performances which kept on mesmerizing the audiences. However, even till the end, the performance of Swaraag was stuck into the heads of the audiences, such was the intensity of their performance. It was truly a memorable evening for the residents of Rajasthan as they experienced a diverse range of arts and cultures. 

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