About Arif Khan

Some people love music, some people learn music, but Arif Khan from Sikar Gharana is a rare gem who was born with the music. During the early days of his childhood he showed the interest in playing Sitar and by the age of six, he started playing instruments. The love of playing sitar filled him and he was further groomed in the art by Ustad Mahmood Khan [father] who made Arif into Arif Khan as the world knows today. Apart from being a star Sitar player, his innate talent for the music makes him a great composer. His compositions are known not only in India but also, in the cities of Germany, France, Gulf, Austria.

Through the Sitar, Arif knows the art of connecting with the audiences. He is a master showman and unique creator that has a style of its own. Many have talked and written, but nothing can capture the essence, melody, and uniqueness of his style. His bouncing hairs and cute smile is another thing which audience can’t help but notice and talk about, which makes him a heart stealer. Through hard work, dedication, and grace of Guru Arif has established himself as one of the best Sitar players of the contemporary era.

Arif Khan Zitar Player


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