About Arif Khan (Khartal)

Arif Khan is an expert in playing Khartal - Morchang, which are Rajasthani instruments. As a trained player, he has done various international shows and has 20 years of experience in playing the instruments. His guru was “Ustad Bilal Khan” and he started learning Khartal at the age of 10. He supports the chorus and also sings pure Rajasthani songs, which are pure magic.

His traditional Rajasthani look with ‘pagadi ‘ and ‘mala’ makes him stand apart from the rest of the members and one can easily tell that he sings Rajasthani songs. He is a foodie and just like his looks he is a fan of traditional Rajasthani dishes such as ‘Dal, Bati, and Churma’, and ‘Bajre ki roti’. Audiences love to hear Rajasthani songs in his energetic voice.

Khartal is the smallest and oldest musical instrument known to mankind and yet many are not even aware of it. It looks simple but needs a great amount of dexterity to play the simplest of rhythm. Colorful tones are produced with the help of different hand gestures and arm moments.



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