About Tasruf Ali

Tasruf Ali is the youngest trained saxophone and sarangi player among the band members. Apart from playing the saxophone, he also sings the chorus and supports the lead singer Asif Khan.

Saxophone is one of the most sophisticated instruments of the jazz music, which makes the player looks cool, daring, and sexy and when Tasruf adds his playing style and innovation to the instrument the music born is simply heart melting. It’s not uncommon for the audience to give him standing ovation for his performances and shout once more during the show. Among the band members, he is also known as selfie king.

He is an important member of the band and has performed PAN India along with the band. Some of the events accompanied by him are Rajasthan Festival 2018, ULF 2017 in Udaipur, For RIETER in Swiss Embassy Delhi, EEMA 2018, JaipurByNite by CII.



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