About Wahid Khan

I belong to a musical family, And started learning tabla from my Dadu and Guru ‘Ustad Hidayat Khan’ At the age of 5. As the complete surrounding is of musician in our family it is easy for me to adapt to the atmosphere and i choose to strike my fingers on TABLA. From the very beginning I got fascinated by the charm and reputation my Grandpa has received as he has worked with artist like Pandit Ravi Shankar, Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Shobha Gurto, Ustad Ali Akbar Kha Sahab and many more. I used to practice with my Grandma as well, As she is vocalist and trained Semi classical singer followed by my father and uncle who are renowned Tabla Players.

So with her i got the lesson as how to perform in coordination with a vocalist. From 2011 I have started doing shows, And guess what My first Show is with Mr. A R Rahman which was telecasted on Sony television. Later i have performed shows all across the globe.Today Wahid is gaining worldwide reputation with his unique public performances on the stage.

Wahid Khan Tabla Player


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