About Asif Khan

The voice of Asif Khan is the voice of Swaraag. A talented singer of Sufi style and Rajasthani folk, he was trained by his father Ustad Mahmood Khan. Asif started showing his talents during the early years of his training and had his first show when he was merely six years old. Formally trained and groomed, his raw, powerful, and versatile voice is the signature style of the band.

His mellifluous voice is what the culture and tradition of Rajasthan are and his singing style reminds the audience of the late Sufi King Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He is few of those singers who sings from the deepest core of their soul. The audience instantly gets emotionally attached to his euphonious voice.

When Asif plays Harmonium, the audience can easily tell that he is on the road to becoming one of the greatest maestros of Harmonium. He has a unique style which complements the style of the rest of the band and building continuous rapport with his audience is his left hand’s play.

Apart from being a lead singer in the band, he is also a huge sports buff and never misses an opportunity to play ‘gully‘ cricket. He is equally fond of watching kabaddi and cricket matches on the TV.

Before becoming the member of the band he had participated in several singing contests and was runner-up in the National TV Channel Doordarshan - Talent Hunt Serial “Bharat ki Shaan”.

Asif Khan


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